Michael Malik- the success story of a man who brought gambling halls to Detroit

The name Michael Malik is looked as one of the most successful entrepreneurs that the country has ever seen. With his excellent business skills, he took legalized gambling to the next level.

In fact, Michael Malik was the thriving force that brought gambling to Detroit and turned it into an entertainment industry that today earns annual revenue of 1.3billion dollars.

Some of the most noticeable achievements of his career have been the development of a Casino in Little River Band of Ottawa (the third most profitable casino in the region) and a hotel, a golf course and two casinos in Bay Mills Indian Tribe in Brimley, Michigan.

 Mr Malik has shown keen interest in politics as well. In a report by the FEC (Federal Election Commission), it was listed that Michael Malik contributed a mind wobbling amount of $267,000 to the federal candidates and the PAC’s between the years 2003 to 2006.

Michael Malik – the man who took legal gambling to newer heights

Michael Malik is known for his noteworthy contributions for legalizing gambling in the United States. He along with Marian ILitch is the person who took gambling in the country to newer heights.
As an entrepreneur, he is known to run some of the most profitable casinos and gambling halls in the country. 
Michael Malik was the person responsible for the opening of a casino in LittleRiver Band of Ottawa Indians in Manistee in northwest Michigan, which presently is the third most profitable casino in Michigan.
He is also the man who brought casino business in Detroit. Today, casinos earn total revenue of more than $1.3bilion per year, one of the most profitable industries in Detroit.
Michael has always been associated with political matters as well. He contributed a sum of $267,000 to the federal candidates and PAC’s between 2003-2006 looking at the reports of the Federal Elections Commission.