An entrepreneur and developer of casino gaming, Mr. Michael Malik Sr., was born on February 1954. He is a mastermind behind the revolutionary legalization of gambling and casinos from the coast to coast in United States.
As an owner of MJM Enterprises and Development, Michael Malik is participated in a large number of development projects including oil and gas development, hunting and finishing preserves, developing business expansion projects, and financing of touring entertainment acts etc.
He also owned a premiere wild gaming preserve- the Paradise Hunt Club in Gladwin, Michigan that is spread in the wide area of approximately 1000 acres and includes every type of natural habitat for fishing and hunting.
Later, under his able supervision this Hunt Club is named as “number one” whitetail Hunt Club in the United States of America.
At present times, the eminent personality in casino gaming, Mr. Malik and his partner Marian Llich, are working with other resort island destinations.